Aloha and Welcome to sub Cultural Icons


I'm an artist that surfs. Most times it's hard to differentiate between the two perspectives, but I'm comfortable with either hat, as they are compatible lifestyles. Our lives are bombarded with visual stimuli, while our hearts are surrounded with the imagery of our memories and the stories in which they reside. Those I've collected are worth sharing as a means of preserving many of the simple momets in this life which are most often overlooked, or regretably forgotten, once their point in time has served it's functional purpose as we move forard. Controversy is no stranger at my door, instead it's a friend at my table. My goal is to present an open environment where ideas, thoughts, and imagery come together to illustrate the underlying elements of passion which define my work as an artist and an individual.

This is my new pet project which has been incubating for a fews years now. Eventually I hope to include the thoughts and works from other sources which can only increase our perceptions of the world around us. I'm just starting out. I can't predict were this will take me. My fate with destiny compels I venture out blind, yet none the less I go, face to the wind, as the navigator in a dream.....