The Ocean Beach Geriatric Surf Club Presents


Ocean Beach , San Diego

January 31-February 12004




Once again the OBG's have graciously extended their invite for the AKC to fill it's annual Community Fundraiser with KneeRiders. Those of you who have participated in the past know this is a prime time venue of fun and surf. Our small community contest draws competitors from the entire West Coast as well as international travelers looking to abscond with a fair share of our local thunder.

Entries in our division has grown steadily each year as the word reaches far and wide. Last year saw a visiting Australian take away one of these highly coveted trophies. Two years earlier a young KneeMan from the UK was staying at the International Youth Hostel here and he now has one adorning the mantle back in his home country.

We hope many of you will again find the time to participate in this casual atmosphere of Aloha and camaraderie. Your participation helps defray some of the yearly medical costs of a local boy who suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury while surfing. It's a win/win for everyone as we come together in our great brotherhood of surfing.

I've negotiated for 24 slots in this year's event. This is 10 more than we were allowed last year. My thanks go to all those who have helped make this happen. As most know, it is an early commitment that ensures our entry, and our growing allotment of competitors. This year holds with the same proven formula. The Geriatric's celebrated their 20th Anniversary this December and very little has been done towards SuperBowl. They are under the gun to get the show organized by that first 7AM horn. This is where the KneeBoarders earn their respect and clout at this event.

We need to have paid in full entry forms in ASAP this year. Ideally I would like to have all entries in hand earlier than usual, thus enabling me to present the first round of heats to the Super Bowl Committee by January 16, 2004. This allows each of you 2 weeks to work out your individual details. It also gives the OBG's an hour and a half of breathing room to collect all the standup beach entries and get their end of the show organized during those first few chaotic hours of Day One. If I can accomplish this small request, it is quite possible that we as a group can ask for, and be given, more slots. The final cutoff date for all entries is Thursday January 29. This is the agreed upon terms of our participation with the OB Geriatric Surf Club.

A prepackaged group entry is a hard offer to refuse by any event organizer that is juggling the logistics of organizing temperamental surf cats. This courtesy has proven effective over the past ten years and we all should do our best to increase our popularity, earn our respect, and do our best to help a brother in need

Those who show have all the fun.


SurferBowl XVII marks the 10th year the OBG's have included our forte into their showcase.

This small contest is the longest running independent KneeRiding event in the USA.

Help us keep the flame alive.


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