In my scrutiny I've found that as Surfers, and equally as KneeBoarders, we need to reevaluate our structural foundation. My purpose here is to examine the many underlying factors which had beached KneeBoarding at it's lowest of point credibility within the surfing world. Along the path which I've chosen to weave, many cages will justifiably get rattled, and the bubbles of myopic illusion will be resoundingly burst. Mine is a thought provoking task which is sure to garner controversy and unfortunately a great amount of ill will. So what. I'll try to leave no stone unturned in my efforts to present a complete and accurate chronology of the events which I have witnessed, along with the organizational aspects I have been involved with during KneeBoardings course thus far.

My concerns are for the spirit of surfing, which has few, if any, conceptual threads linking itself with the current posturing marketed as "soul surfing" within the mainstream publications of the surf industry, and even less with the "progressive surfing" as defined by the competitive organizations . I have neither the intent nor the desire to create dissension among the Brotherhood of KneeMen, past or present. This anomaly between bristling factions predates my cognitive awarness and was someting I learned after becoming involved in KneeBoard surfing as an organized competitive sport. It has concerned me that until recently there has been few willing enough to put all the cards on the table, uncensored, with the purpose of evoking a change in the current status quo.

I for one am tired of the complacent position KneeBoarders have taken here at home. We need a new direction and it can only come about if people speak up and get involved with the issues that chart our future. American KneeRiding is slowly emerging from a very deep rut but the current course of action some are pursuing has previously proven itself to be a three time dead end. Must we really go though all those familiar death throws once again? It is quite apparent few were paying attention to the dynamics going on around them during that time as most were too focused in their pursuit of the brass ring and those cherished plastic icons. Now is the time to put aside those narcissistic dreams of grandeur about recapturing the Glory Days. Wake up people. Get over this penchant for repetition. Why write yet another short story. We have the power to pen a bold new chapter.

As we all know, diplomacy has this unique double edged ability where it can sever and heal all within the same stroke. There needs to be an amicable compromise between camps here in the US in which the agreed upon resolutions favor neither side, but do allow for a harmonious coexistance as seperate and equally important entities which provide independently unique safe harbors for the American KneeRider. I'm no great fan for mincing words and even less adept with tact. Therefore, to prevent any misconceptions, I'm making it clear that I will be realistic and pointedly direct with both content and observations throughout this website.

If my perspective "rocks your boat", then obviously your chosen craft must not be very seaworthy.

The more KneeBoarders expand, the more we will not fade away.




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This editorial page is available for those willing to submit well written commentaries on the phenomena of KneeBoarding, past or present. Email all inquiries to the AKC website.