The AKC has delineated rough geographical areas as Chapter outposts where there are active Kneeriders who are currently participating in our expansion efforts. They parallel in nature the former Districts of the now defunct Western Surfing Association. Those listed here are currently established and have been active in encouraging this new resurgence of KneeBoarding by the volunteer representatives listed below. In time we are looking forward to more Chapters within each of these boundaries. These new areas may then separate and form smaller satellite branches, thus becoming more representational of the local demographics which reflect the nuances inherent to their respective coastal environments and Kneeriding styles.

This format has proven successful as a few of our former reps have left the AKC to create thier own KneeBoard organization to better fulfill their competitive desires and obligations. This leaves many key areas open for new Chapter leaders. If you are interested please contact us for further information.

Alan McCray, always on the leading edge of technology and the international Kneeboarding network, is currently representing the Hawaiian Islands. The AKC's head office is located in PT.Loma, the home of early pioneering board designer Steve Lis and the one time international focal point for Kneeriding itself, the legendary Big Rock. It still harbors a deep underground cult of prominent Kneeriders, as does CA in general, having many who have since spread throughout Hawaii and the South Pacific.


Chapter Representatives