The American Kneeriding Club

is a grassroots organization for and about the method of kneeboard surfing.



The AKC is the first organization of it's kind established within the USA with the express purpose of preserving it's brilliant and innovative history, while simultaneously encouraging it's many practitioners both, old and new, to reinvent themselves and their abilities publicly to the surfing community at large. The content and structure of this Club is modeled after the early coastal surf clubs established worldwide during the middle part of the last century. These clubs had camaraderie and friendship at their foundational roots; having formatted themselves with the traditional qualities which embodied the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit. Patterning the AKC in this fashion offers a neutral environment where Kneeriding's many eclectic practitioners, young and old, can band together once a month at their leisure to share stories and waves with family and friends.



The primary mission is to offer a parent structure of brotherhood and communication for the many eccentric constituents who previously have, in conjunction with, those still actively pursuing this form of wave riding.

The secondary objective is to preserve Kneeriding's historical contribution to surfing through the donations of written and photographic documentation from the collective group.

The tertiary pursuit is to eventually incorporate an associate platform for those seeking national and international competition.

This is the official page for the group founded in 1998 and it's mission objectives. Many newcomers share different perspectives and avenues are being created to
fill those needs. Don Harris is working on a site for those seeking a competition format, please be patient.

Hele Mai.....